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by Isle Central on Blank Business Name
very good

very good

by Valdark on Blank Business Name

Very reliable servers!

No issues

Servers worked fine and easy to use

by factorio server on Blank Business Name
factorio server


by Laurie on Blank Business Name

Good service, stableservers

by Kaladin on Blank Business Name
Easy to use server

Server were easy to use, never had a problem getting a terraria server up with my own world I was previously hosting on my computer.

Factorio Server


by Fengxian on Blank Business Name

Great service

Great website

The server worked great and they provide adequate support for different game types.

by Jelliefish on Blank Business Name
Awesome hosting

Server was setup instantly and run without any issue!

by Thomas on Blank Business Name
Good service

Minimal lag, dropped one star due to a mandatory review to cancel service

by KJLHKJLH on Blank Business Name

Server was good, you need 2 gb for ram for eco

Thank you for you’re review. We have now changed our default ram value to 2G without any extra cost.

by TheOmega on Blank Business Name
Good service

Good service, no issues.

by Damien S on Blank Business Name
Well worth It

Clanhost is the best gaming server provider by far for the Australian Market. Easy to use UI and ability to FULLY manage your own server how you please.

by Mark D on Blank Business Name
Excellent service!

Excellent service and support. I’m no IT guru so I needed help. I got personalised help and my server fully set up with same day service.

by Tristan on Blank Business Name
Great service

Easy setup, reliable and low cost. Would recommend



Excellent Service

I have had no problems since opening this server. It has always been running, easy to set-up and if I had any questions I always recieved a quick reply with the help needed.We are taking a break from our server, the only reason we are cancelling, and will be back in the future.



by Jonesy on Blank Business Name

It was ok

great service

Always available for help and to chat, any problems were always resolved.

by xistence on Blank Business Name
clanhost servers

the servers are alright but i think im going to have to cancel due to no players and no more reason for me to keep going

by Shangaran on Blank Business Name
Excellent Servers

Excellent Servers

awesome hoster

awesome client

by REDFIN on Blank Business Name


Had fun

It was a good quality server while we played

Great Service

Everything was a good experience, no issues when changing features or specs.

by greyarea on Blank Business Name
Good Service

Servers run well. Prompt replies to tickets. The Mod Manager for Conan Exiles doesn’t work though, you have to install server mods manually.


Everything worked great

by Cassie on Blank Business Name
Good overall


by Chris Taylor on Blank Business Name


by Christian on Blank Business Name
decent for the money

The server interface isn’t very user friendly and I found the Support/FAQ section to be poorly laid out. The Discord admins aren’t very responsive or knowledgeable on the ins and outs of the servers, either, which is disappointing.However for the cheap price it was a decent service once figured out.

by Spencer on Blank Business Name
Fast Service

The services that clanhost offer are fast and reliable. Highly recommended.

by ActuallyEZE on Blank Business Name
Great service!

Great service as usual, will continue to come back and rent my streaming servers only from Clanhost!

Quick easy service

Great quick easy service to set up, slight lag in factory though

Fantastic service

Fantastic service

Good Service

Good Service

Isle Server

Great help from staff

Great service

Great customer service and uptime

by Ganoush on Blank Business Name

This was good, quality server and all that. No body plays it tho so im cancelling it.

May not work for you

I have had some ongoing issues with the browser interface, which means I must look elsewhere for hosting solutions.

Sorry to hear you had issues. We are not aware of issues with the browser. You may want to try a different browser. We have no control over the games built in web server.



by Michael on Blank Business Name
good server

Very happy

by craigcom on Blank Business Name

Clanhost runs high quality servers, thanks!

by Brendan Thomas on Blank Business Name
No more then 4G Ram

I wouldn’t recommend ECO game server from this provider as you will need 4gig minimum for BASIC server, once you start building big items/have a few players on you will experience alot of crash’s an thats not including that there is a bigger update to the game coming that would make the experience worse dont waste your time find another company.

Sorry we did not know anyone required more than 4Gb, as all our customers run between from 2Gb to 3Gb
The crashes are cause by the 4Gb ram limit which you purchased. We have added more options then 4Gb max.
When the update comes we will adjust to the memory usage then.

by Daniel on Blank Business Name
Great service

Great service and easy to use fast help

by John Beemster on Blank Business Name
Great service, quick

A great service that enabled me and some friends to really get into some games


Great site, but no longer enjoy the game.


Good service, stable servers, good speeds.

by Albert on Blank Business Name
Good experience

Helpful support and good user interface.


great server great host!


Self Service and Automated. Was great, minimal waiting.

Works smoothly

Fast setup, easy controls. Worked smoothly during its entire use.

by Canoon on Blank Business Name
Good service

Reliable hosting

by cirustus on Blank Business Name
too many servers

Factorio Server

Worked everytime with minimal latency

Solid service

Great ping, stable, reasonably priced.

Excellent Service

Best Australian Server host i have ever dealt with

by Livefire on Blank Business Name
Best Server Company

I use Clanhost for all of my game servers. I have used them for short term rental and long term rental and have found them to be great to work with no matter what

by Malfunction on Blank Business Name
Great Servers

Great customer service and very prompt assistance when required. Stable servers as well

by Atomicmum on Blank Business Name
Not too bad

Our server worked fine, if you join the Discord service was fast but we had on going Mod issues, and found that I didn’t have the time to stay on top of this.

excellent service

Excellent service and support/advice

by Jawapro on Blank Business Name
Clanhost Factorio

We wanted to set up a Factorio server and found Clanhost. They were extremely helpful, even setting up custom servers for us late into Friday night. Can’t compliment them enough – it was extremely painless and flexible. Thanks guys!

by Jake P on Blank Business Name

Good hosting

Cost too high

$20/month is up there in server costs. I would like to see lower cost options for smaller servers


Too costly to pay for server and then have to upgrade to more ram etc. 4g is just not enough as standard. my server was constantly leaking memory and restarting.

Good experience

Server was up in seconds after my purchase, didn’t have any problems throughout the rental period.


great service, easy to work with

Best Aussie Server

Very good if youre an aussie and wanting to get a low ping server

Temp Break from ark

Server was excellent but i am having a break from ark for now, so i will be pausing my payment of the server until i am playing ark again which at this point will be when the next expansion is out so november

Ark Server

Never had an issue.

by Livefire on Blank Business Name

Clanhost has been amazing through my time running servers for both Ark Survival Evolved and 7 Days to Die.

by Skumble on Blank Business Name
Good service

Very good hosting service and not expensive – would recommend.

Very good server just not enough player base at the moment

by Matthew on Blank Business Name

Running and Ark server and its been good.

by Michael on Blank Business Name
Very good service

Very happy with this service will keep using them.

by Stephen on Blank Business Name
All good so far

I am a small business customer, not a clan. Have been with clanhost for a few months now and all seems to be going well. Support, when needed, has responded in a timely manner and have kept me informed as to status of my ticket.


Just signed up and help has been fantastic.


Been using their service for over six months, highly rated. Only reason I’m not giving them 5 stars is because they keep pestering me to write a 5 star review for them.

by Michelle on Blank Business Name
Stable server

Server seems stable. Which is good. Customer Service leaves a lot to be desired. This company leaves you to do it yourself. Telling you to check the forums. There is a LOT of room for improvement. Especially customer service skills.

Also things like notifying of shut down before updating, knowledge base pages being up to date, a proper discord channel that is manned by support staff, and services advertised like webmod being available

Works as advertised.

Very fast setup and all working ok. Console is easy to navigate. Good price too.

by Shadow on Blank Business Name

great host awesome price and the server is up in 10 mins you cant get any better then that thanks clanhost 🙂

by XPSuedoX on Blank Business Name
Great Server – Great Service

Have to say the price is better than most AUS servers around, the service is fantastic no issues and the response from Clanhost is fast to the point and helpful beyond what is expected.

Good service

Super easy setup, no problems ongoing 2 weeks later. Very happy!

Service wow

quick efficient setup, but the support and service after that has been amazing

great service

much better then any other server hosting i have used, instant setup and can do everything yourself! Also quick to help with their 24/7 online chat.

by Arkraiders on Blank Business Name
Great Ark Survival Evolved Server Host

Switched to Clan*Host after server faults and continual problems with the previous supplier. Have had excellent support and service and have since taken on a second Ark Survival Evolved server.

by spaceyD on Blank Business Name
Good job

Great host. Help is not far away when needed.

by Malkadore on Blank Business Name
Great service

Great customer service!

had to

needs improving with a back door mod option

by Matt James on Blank Business Name
Top quality server for my needs.

Top quality server for my needs, Great customer service. With very friendly staff.

by Scarsbane of the Fury Group on Blank Business Name
Recommended without hesitation.

After reading numerous horror stories of bad experiences with various game server hosts, I did some research before choosing ClanHost. ClanHost has delivered above my expectations, they have been easy to work with, and the support, though not often required, has been first class. Recommended without hesitation.

by Steve ‘Quasi’ Hoppitt, Online Racing Australia on Blank Business Name
I couldn’t be happier

I couldn’t be happier with the consistently lag-free quality hosting I can provide racers on my ClanHost server. I also appreciate the extras, like remote panel, and personal service provided. Clanhost provide such top level services and support that after a year of running my own servers I returned because they really are the best option overall. – Steve ‘Quasi’ Hoppitt, Founder/Site Admin of Online Racing Australia

by gammo, kAoS on Blank Business Name
reliable hosting service

We searched endlessly for a good reliable hosting service for our gaming clans Teamspeak setup. We found a few, but always too pricy, plagued by downtime and hidden cost. Then we found Clanhost and all our problems were quickly and expertly dealt with. We now have a solid, lag-free Teamspeak server, backed up with friendly and prompt service. The best part? The generous pricing structure. Thank you Clanhost, not only have you saved us money, you have allowed us to concentrate on what we do best; frag!

by Andy Lang, Admin TeamOz Racing on Blank Business Name
The quality of service is great

TeamOz have been renting Rfactor servers through ADF/clanhost now for over 2 years. The quality of service is great,Quick fast replys on any problem’s that may arise. The game servers are of great quality,being Australian based,owned and run. They have a good customer relationship with customers,nothing ever seems to be a problem. Lag/Warp free servers are what you can expect from Clanhost gaming servers. They are always looking at few ways of give us the customer more control over our gaming servers the CH panel for the gaming servers has been a great addition giving us the user more control over what we can do with the servers.

by Heather Hefron [CEO] on Blank Business Name
Reliable web hosting service

Clanhost has for some time provided a reliable web hosting service for our company, and we recently asked them to complete outstanding works on the development of our new website. There were a lot unresolved tasks to complete, but Clanhost was able to accomplish a great result for us in a short time frame, and at a reasonable price. Clanhost provided excellent customer service, they were always available when we needed them and fixed all the components of the site that were not working effectively. Their work ethic and dedication to customer satisfaction is second to none. Thanks for a job well done.

by Shaun Creed on Blank Business Name
Arma 3 server

Our group threw in to get a arma 3 exile server. Was sold a server that couldn’t have exile on it. We tried for a refund as they didn’t seem to care about helping us. Paypal went in their favour and clanhost closed our server. So $45 down and no server. We had it for 2 days while we waited for a reply. Piss poor business ethics.

This review is misleading with false accusations. However published anyway.

by Halwende Irenbend on Blank Business Name
I love Life is Feudal your own

I love Life is Feudal your own; I have played it since day one on Steam; been on other servers without much joy; so far so good; we, my partner and I said lets start our own Server; went with a US Company; No name No pack drill; Bunch of Tossers; Then we found ClanHost; paid the bucks, pay pal, and bamm download started straight away and you don’t have to be a Rocket one of them to set up the control panel; Guys they sold me OH so Simple to use. clanhost for me

by John A Moore on Blank Business Name
ClanHost has built

ClanHost has built, hosted and maintained two websites for me for 5 or 6 years. The building of the websites has been eye catching and innovative. If I have any problems, I can bring them to their attention and they are dealt with immediately. Hosting costs are very economical. A great business to deal with!!!

by Jason Haugh on Blank Business Name
absolute rubbish….

absolute rubbish….rude and no help at all.they don’t, or cant answers questions and tell you to go and google information instead.don’t waste your money

Sorry we do not setup customer modifications.

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