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ClanHost have been hosting websites and game servers for online gaming teams. We have expanded and now host more great gaming servers at excellent prices. Our goal is to provide a easy to use service for new customers starting out.

If you dont see the game you play. Contact Us! If you dont see the game you play. Contact Us!
If you dont see the game you play. Contact Us! If you dont see the game you play. Contact Us!
Game Servers - ClanHost Australia
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 115 reviews
 by Duck
Not Performant

The server did not perform as well as I would expect for a $20 price tag.
I will not be using this service in future

 by Faz
Service works - needs someone slightly technical

Service works as expected, but it was a bit fiddly to setup initially. Luckily one of our team was technically inclined and was able to solve the setup after a few hours. Would love if there was a youtube video on how to setup a particular game like Factorio, but there are forums online to help.

 by MMOO


 by Very Bad Service
Bad Service

barely any controls over the server and things you can do. just LAUNCHES a server without config first. No easy way to close/reset etc If you want to start a new world. Don't offer eco servers and allow no easy controls over them at all? Just stick to normal hosting then.

 by G.W.
Good service quick responds

as the title said. good

 by CrowlezTV
clanhost is unreal

clanhost has been a very enjoyable experience

 by J
Great service

Fast replies and no issues.

 by dasdasda


 by Great


 by David You
It is a pretty good server host site to be honest

This was my very first game and very first game i rented a server
and their service are decent . I am no expert with holding a server and so, so I wasnt very familiar with everything
but all the staff are friendly
I am just too new wanting to add on and off some modded and so but it seems very complicated to do so
so i gave up.

 by sdfsfd


 by unclear

Too hard for novices

 by Jester
Server status was always "Maybe" running.

Server status was always "Maybe" running.

 by Quakelive server
Quakelive server

Super helpful and knowledgeable staff, always quick to respond to queries on discord.

 by Glen
Great Service

Service was great and ill be back once we find another server game to play.

 by Murara
Rent Servers

You can rent servers...

 by Not Telling
Good server hosting

Good server hosting, didnt have any issues with the server at all

 by servers were fine
servers were fine

servers were fine

 by Craige Cook
DayZ is a survival simulation with zombies

I have been using Clanhost servers for 7 years. They are a cost effective host for gaming servers. Thanks

 by DGA Gaming
Low standards.

I've found ClanHost support team to be unprofessional and the service provided was unable to meet my expectations. My clients (players) advised the server was unable to keep up with other servers, the sim speed reduced within 72 hours to an almost unplayable state. Secondly, ClanHost sells the Space Engineers product with LESS RAM then the developer's minimum requirements - then charge you extra simply to meet the minimum requirements. I found this to be an oddity.

 by Great Service, Thank
Great Service, Thank you

Great Service, Thank you



 by Alfcon
Great service, friendly staff..

Great service, friendly staff, they fixed issues we had fast and helped understand the config files better..

 by Alfcon
Space Engineers

Space Engineers was glitching out but that was the game not the server.

 by Nick
Worth it! Dew it!

Great server hosting, awesome support, above and beyond to solve issues.

 by Kitha
Great service provider, highly recommend.

We stopped playing the game, back in an update.

 by x


 by Shane
Quick service and reliable

Quick service and reliable

 by DL
Great Support

When patch corrupted files, support were quick on Discord to resolve the issue by going through the backups to find an uncorrupted file.

 by Ben
Brilliant stable service, easy to use server conso

Brilliant stable service, easy to use server conso

 by Scott
Good Service

Fairly easy to setup server hosting even for someone with no idea. Don’t like that I had to complete a review just to cancel my subscription though

 by Great server, great
Great server, great service

Great server, great service

 by Thorahk
Dissapointed. Waste of time and money.

Purchased an Avorion server with the intention of playing that evening with some friends. Hours of reading peoples tickets and solutions to their problems I was still unable to get the unmodified server to boot properly. I submitted a ticket which, when answered eventually discovered the problem. A recent update to Avorion's game changed some code stopping their servers from working. That representitive waived the fee I had paid for the server and said I could check back later and try the server as they would leave it up for the month. Due to the wasted time we decided to go through a different host. A month later I was billed again for a server that didn't work and I never even logged into.

 by Tom
Great Service

Easy to set up, good prices, and excellent local customer support. Worked very well for our Valheim server.

 by Evan

Best support staff and excellent communication. Will 100% be using clanhost again in the future.

 by Anon
Works great

No Issues

 by DevilNetwork
It works

Server works.

 by Biff


 by Reemius
Great Service! 100% recommend.

Our clan would 100% go with clanhost again anytime. If we could give more than a 5 star review we would.

 by Anonymous
a very good service i would use again

never had a problem with using the website and making changes to the server

 by thanks


 by thanks


 by Cancel Server
Cancel server

Cancel Server

 by dg
Cancel server


 by Works well
Good Service works well, no longer needed

Good Service works well, no longer needed

 by Aussie
Good Hosting but Expensive. Support was fine.

I had no tech issues with Clan host. Moving on as i have found another solution.

 by Micah

Easy panel for n00bs such as myself

 by Crispa
Best host ever been with

Simple to use, full access, fast support and lag free servers. By far the best provider so far and I have been through them all. You get what you pay for here definitely worth spending that little bit more.

 by Ryan
Well worth it!

Never had a bad experience with these guys. Highly recommended.

 by Disappointed
No access to server

Could not access server. No access to CPanel for server.
The support database did not show any fix.

 by Anonymous
Poor communication

Wouldn't recommend due to a complete lack of communication with the customer

 by Rain
Eco server, clanhost

Everything involved was adequate and not too complicated.
Could do with being a bit more informative and user friendly, but it worked out fine for me in the end and any difficulties were cleared up very quick. Thank you

 by Ryan
Good server

Good server host, no issues encountered, fair pricing.

 by afitgera
Good service

good service, only cancelling because friends and I dont play the game anymore

 by bob
Forced to write this

They are scammers.

 by qdqw


 by T


 by Simon
Quick easy and cheap

Quick, easy and cheap

 by Mod manager unavaila
Mod manager unavaila

Mod manager was unavailable, went with a different server provider

 by Denzyl
No longer need

No longer need the service

 by Zac

amazing service and great price

 by daniel mccorley

great server

 by Edward
Reasonable service

Overall, quite reasonable. The server seemed to utilise more RAM when hosted by ClanHost than when hosted locally (using EcoServer.exe) but it was not too bad. Running on standard priority CPU with only 3GB of RAM made things interesting, but overall, server was mostly stable!

 by TheUser
Great support

Fast communication and resolution of issues that I experienced after server was initially provisioned. Would use again as a service to host a game server.

 by Nathan
Fun while lasted

It was easy and straightforward

 by Night
my Review

customer service was pretty good! only downside takes too long between loading server and restarting and a poor interface.

 by Raikoui
Worked well

it was good

 by A. Mustapha
Good service

Good customer support and service

 by D
Did what it should

Did what it should seamlessly

 by Jordan
Not worth it

Don't Purchase basically no panels... not worth it

 by chel
good server host

good server host

 by Mark
Good staff

Good service. Great Staff.

 by Anth
bought but didnt use

bought but didnt use

 by James


 by Callum Johnston


 by Steel
Awesome site

Great service and prompt customer service.

 by Bravo
its really good

very good

 by great server
Great server

great servers never let u down

 by Jack

NOt bhed

 by Nibler

Great server hosting service. didnt lag and was upto my expectations

 by Mark

Excellent service. I have two servers through Clan Host but my group no longer plays on the 7 days to die server (i.e. playing a new game). I am still with Clan Host for my other game.

 by rocko


 by Regan
Easy to use.

Great value for money. Easy to use. Set up a Don't Starve Together server, with mods and a custom world map. No issues.

 by zeb
easy eco hosting

no problems, it all worked as expected. no need for support, so not sure about the quality.

 by Nukems
Not Working


 by Omega
Avorion Server

Great sever to ry palying with friends.

 by Michael
great servers

great service will use again

 by Jeremy
Good Service

Replied to tickets in a timely manner and were polite and helpful.

 by Fara
Different provider

Went with a different provider for Ark server. This one never did boot up.

 by Dan
Lag fest

Great system, but the game frequently has lag spikes. Was ridiculous

 by Isle Central
very good

very good

 by Valdark

Very reliable servers!

 by Steve
No issues

Servers worked fine and easy to use

 by factorio server
factorio server


 by Laurie

Good service, stableservers

 by Kaladin
Easy to use server

Server were easy to use, never had a problem getting a terraria server up with my own world I was previously hosting on my computer.

 by Ronz
Factorio Server


 by Fengxian

Great service

 by Kevin
Great website

The server worked great and they provide adequate support for different game types.

 by Jelliefish
Awesome hosting

Server was setup instantly and run without any issue!

 by Thomas
Good service

Minimal lag, dropped one star due to a mandatory review to cancel service

 by TheOmega
Good service

Good service, no issues.

 by Damien S
Well worth It

Clanhost is the best gaming server provider by far for the Australian Market. Easy to use UI and ability to FULLY manage your own server how you please.

 by Tristan
Great service

Easy setup, reliable and low cost. Would recommend

 by Leah
Excellent Service

I have had no problems since opening this server. It has always been running, easy to set-up and if I had any questions I always recieved a quick reply with the help needed.
We are taking a break from our server, the only reason we are cancelling, and will be back in the future.

 by Fyre
great service

Always available for help and to chat, any problems were always resolved.

 by Shangaran
Excellent Servers

Excellent Servers

 by jack
Had fun

It was a good quality server while we played

 by Mangy
Great Service

Everything was a good experience, no issues when changing features or specs.

 by greyarea
Good Service

Servers run well. Prompt replies to tickets. The Mod Manager for Conan Exiles doesn't work though, you have to install server mods manually.

 by ActuallyEZE
Great service!

Great service as usual, will continue to come back and rent my streaming servers only from Clanhost!

 by David
Quick easy service

Great quick easy service to set up, slight lag in factory though

 by Padre
Fantastic service

Fantastic service

 by Amber
Isle Server

Great help from staff

 by Sev
Good Service

Good Service