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ClanHost have been hosting websites and game servers for online gaming teams. We have expanded and now host more great gaming servers at excellent prices. Our goal is to provide a easy to use service for new customers starting out.

ECO Server Hosting Australia

ECO Server Sydney Dedicated Server

ECO Server Sydney Dedicated Server

ECO Server

Eco is a simulation game created by American studio Strange Loop Games, in which players have to work together to create a civilization on a virtual planet The game values a gentle use of natural resources and is used both as an entertainment and educational tool

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Game Servers - ClanHost Australia
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 29 reviews
 by Sam
Gets the Job Done, Quality not ideal

Interface is quite ugly/non intuitive, not very user friendly.

Support desk is the owner's discord, which does not seem to have a ticketing system short of providing an id.

Login seems to read "Hello, ADFTEAM", which seems to be the owners clan/group, even when logged into my own account.

If you can get past these things, they get the job done, but it's not a premium service.

 by Very Bad Service
Bad Service

barely any controls over the server and things you can do. just LAUNCHES a server without config first. No easy way to close/reset etc If you want to start a new world. Don't offer eco servers and allow no easy controls over them at all? Just stick to normal hosting then.

 by CrowlezTV
clanhost is unreal

clanhost has been a very enjoyable experience

 by David You
It is a pretty good server host site to be honest

This was my very first game and very first game i rented a server
and their service are decent . I am no expert with holding a server and so, so I wasnt very familiar with everything
but all the staff are friendly
I am just too new wanting to add on and off some modded and so but it seems very complicated to do so
so i gave up.

 by unclear

Too hard for novices

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