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Natural Selection 2 Server

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  • No Limit Player Slots
  • No CPU Restrictions
  • Full FTP Access
  • One Click MOD Install**
  • Auto Update
  • Backup
  • Start / Stop / Restart
  • Command line Editorr
  • Remote API Commands
  • Change Any File
  • Add MODS
  • Any Map
  • No Branding
  • Hi CPU Priority
  • Full File Access
    • Client Area*

    • ModManager**

*Client Area may not have all the functions you see in the image.
**Depending on the game ModManager may not be avaliable

Like its predecessor, Natural Selection 2 features two opposing teams of players, Kharaa (Aliens) and Frontiersmen (Marines), seeking to destroy the other’s respective base. While the two teams have the same essential goals, gameplay for each team varies drastically. Marines largely rely on guns and other pieces of technology to annihilate the alien presence. Aliens, however, rely primarily on melee attacks. Certain alien lifeforms can walk on walls, fly, and even dash forward in the blink of an eye. Players also have a currency system which they use to buy better equipment or evolve into higher lifeforms. The primary feature that differentiates Natural Selection from others in the FPS genre is its strategy component. Both teams may have one player act as a commander, who is given a top-down view of the map and plays the game in a Real-time strategy perspective. The commander can place buildings, research upgrades and has a number of abilities to support their team (dropping health and ammo packs, using certain support units to aid in combat or building, or erecting walls to block enemy movement), at the cost of resources. Buildings in Natural Selection are designed to aid players in their offensive, defensive, stealth and speed capabilities.